AAA Carolinas Urges Motorists to Move Vehicles to High Ground

Friday, September 8th, 2017

With the threat of Hurricane Irma impacting the Carolinas, AAA is urging motorists to move their vehicles to higher ground to avoid flood damage. Approximately 57 percent of Carolinians have auto insurance policies that don’t cover flood damage.

“We want to be as prepared as possible for the potential threat of Hurricane Irma,” said AAA Carolinas President Dave Parsons. “Carolinians should first secure their family and homes, but then need to relocate their vehicles to safer grounds. Many times vehicles can be saved and spared from major damage with a little preparation. Find higher ground. Move it or lose it.”

Following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, early estimates from the Houston metro area are that more than a million vehicles were destroyed by flood damage.

“Protecting your car is something Carolinians need to take seriously because it is difficult to start the rebuilding process after a hurricane without a means of transportation,” added Parsons.

AAA Carolinas recommends the following tips to help protect vehicles during a storm:

- Locate higher ground near your home and park your car there.

- Find a deck or garage that offers cover to protect your car from wind damage.

- Avoid leaving your car under power lines or trees.

- Make sure there are proper documentation and insurance papers stored in your car (preferably in a zip lock bag or waterproof location).

- Use flood covers. There are many waterproof flood covers you can purchase from auto part stores that have shown good results in protecting cars from water damage.

Although Irma's path is not completely clear at this time, AAA Carolinas will continue to closely monitor it in order to provide Carolinians with the most up-to-date safety warnings.