EDTS Cyber Approved by the State of South Carolina to Work with SLED Agencies & CJIS/NCIC Systems

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

The State of South Carolina has approved managed cyber security provider EDTS Cyber as a vendor qualified to access and support South Carolina Law Enforcement Division entities in their pursuit of sound and compliant information security practices. 

Law enforcement agencies with access to NCIC and other criminal justice information must abide by Criminal Justice Information System compliance standards. To meet and maintain compliance standards, many agencies hire I.T. support and security vendors like EDTS Cyber. Agencies must ensure the employees of their chosen vendor are meeting the strict requirements to receive clearance to work with or manage Criminal Justice Information Systems. If a SLED agency hires an entity that has not been vetted, or that cannot validate certain employees are vetted, they run the risk of violating portions of the CJIS Security Policy. Failed audits may result in a loss of access to criminal justice records.

EDTS Cyber employees have received the necessary clearance, having undergone training and fingerprint-based background checks. Managed IT and security services, such as 24/7 advanced security monitoring, incident response, and security awareness training are now available to South Carolina agencies as they seek a better CJIS compliance standing. 

CJIS audits occur at least once every three years and can be initiated at the state or federal level. The audit evaluates the agency's adherence to the thirteen CJIS policy areas designed to protect the privacy and authenticity of vital criminal justice records throughout the nation.

“We’re excited to help criminal justice organizations in the state of South Carolina and beyond prepare for their federal audits,” says Delano Collins, CIO of EDTS Cyber. “Our company practices are the result of over two decades of I.T. and cyber security audit and management experience. We developed the CJIS audit-readiness assessment with confidence that we can assist with a depth of expertise and compatible solutions to help any CJIS entity prepare and strengthen their security stance.”

I.T. Auditor Robert Smith summarizes the CJIS audit preparedness assessment this way: “We put boots on the ground at Criminal Justice facilities for the assessment process, during which our auditors mimic the processes of a federal auditor. Upon completion, EDTS Cyber auditors deliver an executive summary and counsel Information Officers as they develop a roadmap to meet the complex compliance requirements."

In addition to having South Carolina and Georgia vetted CJIS vendor status, EDTS Cyber employees carry other nationally recognized certifications, such as CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor), CCFP (Certified Cyber Forensics Professional), and CompTIA (a family of advanced technical and security certifications).

“The threat landscape is dangerous and disturbing,” says Charles Johnson, Founder and CEO of EDTS Cyber. “In helping criminal justice organizations protect their information, we’re aiding their fight to protect all the people under their care—and our justice system as a whole.”