We Have A Strategic Plan, Now What?

Chris Hardy

Monday, February 26th, 2018

A few weeks ago, the Chamber presented it’s 2018-2020 Strategic Plan at the Annual Chamber Retreat in Greenville, SC. We received a great amount of feedback on the plan along with action items that helped us provide some clarity on other ideas. So, the plan is in place and we have a guide for the next three years, now what?
Each of our 7 division Chair’s and committees will immediately begin executing the plan with the collaboration of community leaders and organizations. Though this plan will serve as a guide for the Chamber during this time, this does not mean that the plan will be our sole focus. We know times change rapidly and we must be prepared for those times. Not only are we asking for continued feedback on the existing plan we are also soliciting feedback on what may have been left out that is of importance to our members and community. You can view and download a copy of the Strategic Plan here http://www.sumterchamber.com/2020-strategic-plan.
Elsewhere in the Chamber we have taken a proactive approach to an issue that is plaguing our community, litter. The Litter Alliance was initiated by Sheriff Dennis last year and re-energized by a group of concerned leaders in our community. On February 26 at Swan Lakes Visitors Center there will be a public meeting where the efforts of this program will be discussed along with receiving comments and feedback from those in attendance. The meeting will begin at 5:30pm and is expected to last about one hour. We cannot allow litter to deter the growth and prosperity of our community, without pride in where we live what do we have?
Your Chamber Staff is working diligently every day to ensure your needs are addressed and met. I truly believe we have the team in place that can take our Chamber and Community to the next level though we are looking to add another special person to our team. There is strength in numbers and we are stronger with more businesses and organizations at our side. We are searching for someone to help us grow our membership which will allow us to provide more resources that will make a difference in our personal and professional lives. If you know someone that can help us do this, have them send their resume to me at chris.hardy@sumterchamber.com
Last week I had a meeting with one of our community leaders and though there were several topics of discussion there was one comment that stood out to me the most. This person looked me in the eye and said “Chris, Sumter is on the precipice of greatness and we need an organization to help move the needle, that organization MUST be our Chamber of Commerce. My response was this, “We Will Be Great”.

About Chris Hardy

Chris Hardy is president and CEO of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce.