SC Department of Employment & Workforce: The Best Present for the Holidays? Employment.

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

On December 26, 2020, federal unemployment benefits will expire. In the meantime, employers have approximately 80,000 jobs posted on the SC Works Online Services job database at

The S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) is actively working to help individuals find the jobs in their area that align with their skillset. The SC Works system, in which DEW is a partner, is ready and eager to help. They have relationships with local employers, expertise in the regional area, and key labor market information to help individuals when looking for a job. What our agency sees in these job postings, which we are promoting through our Project Job One campaign, is employment throughout the state, in diverse industries and requiring a variety of skillsets. For most job seekers, new employment would not require a move, new training/education or experience in a different set of job skills. What it does require is that individuals approach this unique COVID-19 job market with an open mind.

Finding employment in today’s environment might require:

- A temporary career change.
o What we call a lifeboat job – a job that is in a different industry, but utilizes skills from

your previous employment.
o An example might be a waiter taking a job with a booming call center (due to virtual

service increases) because they have customer service skills.
- Looking for work virtually, not just online and attending socially distant events. This includes:

o Socially distant and open-air job fairs. o Drive-thru and tailgate hiring events. o Virtual job fairs and job interviews.

- Starting a job with one of the many industries that do not require previous experience or education, but welcome people to start with the opportunity to quickly move up within the organization.

o The asphalt industry has continued to campaign for workforce.

o Many manufacturers have openings and provide on-the-job training. - Exploring industries experiencing a boom due to the pandemic.

o For example, in the last few weeks one employer hired 46 people on the spot at a job fair.

o In the past few months, the SC Works system has conducted just over 100 job fairs and hiring events with more than 600 employers.

- Searching for work using leads sent through the unemployment claims system.
o Individuals filing for unemployment are sent notifications about employers in their local area whose hiring requirements match the skills listed by the claimant.