Tripadvisor Launches Live Sentiment Dashboard to Support Global Tourism Recovery

Monday, March 1st, 2021

Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel guidance platform, announced the arrival of a live data intelligence dashboard available to destination marketing organizations (DMOs), powered by Tourism Sentiment Index. This offering is part of Tripadvisor's wider suite of data intelligence products for DMOs, known as the Tripadvisor Insights Platform. The live dashboard provides clients with essential word-of-mouth insights about destinations, combining Tripadvisor's unmatched reach and traveler behavior insights with Tourism Sentiment Index's industry leading sentiment technology.

The Tripadvisor Insights Platform is a collection of measurement and insights tools intended to help partners in the travel and tourism industry manage their media campaigns and overall recovery activities. The solutions use Tripadvisor's wealth of user behavior data to measure performance, uncover competitive insights and track how destinations, accommodations, attractions and restaurants are performing over time.

The new sentiment dashboard for DMOs uplevels the service offering of the Tripadvisor Insights Platform by providing clients with daily actionable intelligence, using insights from across 50 tourism touch points - including air access, accommodations and attractions. The dashboard's analytics are drawn from real-time conversations, across half a million platforms, including Tripadvisor. Sentiment towards destinations and travel contribute to an overall score that reveals a destination's popularity versus competitors, enabling them to update campaigns, product offerings and messaging faster and more effectively.

In response to the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sentiment dashboard also includes a crisis analysis module that tracks the impact of the pandemic in locations around the world by revealing emotional reactions to categories such as health services, government and economics.

"Now more than ever, destination marketing organizations need data and business intelligence tools to help maximize competitiveness and drive recovery in the wake of COVID-19. This live dashboard puts actionable insights at DMOs' fingertips to help them make more informed and strategic marketing and media placement decisions. For example, being able to understand travelers' readiness to travel in real-time helps DMOs update their marketing with the most effective messaging, therefore, getting the most impactful message in front of the right people, at the right time," said Steven Paganelli, Group Head of Destination Marketing - Americas, Tripadvisor.

"Activating our global reach and connecting the most relevant, high-intent travelers to our partners has been a key success driver for DMOs on Tripadvisor over the past year," added Paganelli.

"Tourism Sentiment Index and Tripadvisor are industry leaders in tourism and hospitality intelligence, with a shared vision of helping destination marketing organizations use data-driven insights to guide their recovery strategies and most efficiently engage the right customers," said Rodney Payne, Founder of Tourism Sentiment Index and CEO of Destination Think.

"Our data intelligence provides DMOs with the ability to drill down to specific conversations and insights taking place at the destination-level - whether a city, region or country. Watching the Tourism Sentiment Index grow into an industry-leading tool has been a remarkable journey, and I truly believe that our data intelligence will help destination marketers find the best way through this pandemic. This collaboration gives me great optimism for the future of tourism, and its integral role in local economies while remaining respectful of the people and planet it affects," added Payne.

Today, Tripadvisor and Tourism Sentiment Index are hosting a webinar called "Game-changing Data to Drive Your Destination's Recovery… and Beyond". You can read more about this webinar and sign up for free here.