SCE&G’s Tree Trimming Program Helps Minimize Severe Weather Threats

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Now that Hurricane Michael has made landfall in Florida and is tracking toward South Carolina, SCE&G reminds customers of the importance of tree trimming in keeping customers safe and minimizing service interruptions.

“The No. 1 thing we can do to prevent power outages from storms is to trim trees that grow in close proximity to our power lines,” said Bill Turner, SCE&G’s vice president of electric operations. “We maintain more than 18,000 miles of distribution lines and more than 3,500 miles of above-ground transmission lines. When you see us in your community trimming trees on a sunny day, it’s to help prepare for the inevitable arrival of storms, like Hurricane Michael,” said Turner.

Turner said high winds can cause trees and branches to fall into power lines, causing power outages. “Tree trimming helps protect our crews in the field, as well as you and your family, and ultimately makes the restoration process quicker,” he said.  “We urge customers to stay away from downed power lines and anything that might be in contact with those lines. Assume they are energized.”

SCE&G also advises customers who lose power during the storm to report their outage. The quickest and most efficient way to notify the company of a power outage is to report it online using a mobile device. SCE&G’s website,, is a mobile-friendly site. Customers can report outages on the site or register their mobile device to have the option to report or check the status of an outage through text messaging.

Once a phone is registered, customers can simply text the word “Out” to 467234 (GOSCEG) anytime they lose power. They also can check the status of an outage by texting “Status” to the same number.

The text message services are provided free of charge to customers, however, mobile carriers may charge to send and receive text messages or utilize data services. Customers should contact their carrier for more details about message data rates.

While customers also can report an outage by calling 888-333-4465, the widespread power outages often associated with major weather events can generate high call volume, and extended wait times. Customers are encouraged to log into their account to be sure it has the correct telephone numbers (mobile and home) associated with their account so customer service representatives can efficiently assist them with their needs.