What Are Employers Looking for in 2022? Communications, Customer Service and Problem-Solving Skills

Thursday, January 13th, 2022

The start of 2022 finds many people looking for new jobs in a job market brimming with opportunities. But, when it comes to navigating the more than 16 million open jobs right now, it's easy to get lost. To help today's job seekers, PeopleReady is releasing a list of the top soft skills employers are looking for right now based on its in-depth analysis of millions of jobs postings. And, with people increasingly looking for more flexibility, the staffing leader is listing some of the most in-demand jobs in the U.S. offering part-time and flexible hours.  

Job candidates may want to brush up on their communication skills—it's the quality that employers across all job categories cited most often, featured in over 5 million job postings, according to the PeopleReady analysis. That's followed by management skills (3.7 million job postings note the skill), customer service skills (3.6 million) and leadership skills (2.5 million). Rounding out the list are problem-solving skills (1.6 million), being detail-oriented (1.6 million), and the ability to plan (1.4 million).

"Right now, there are many people in the workforce looking at new opportunities, and a large number of them are starting to work for themselves," said Taryn Owen, president and COO, PeopleReady and PeopleScout. "Part-time and flexible hour jobs can provide vital income for people who are leaving an employer but still need an income while they explore other opportunities or simply want more flexibility in their work."

Based on its analysis of millions of jobs across the U.S., PeopleReady found that the most in-demand jobs offering part-time schedules and flexible hours include:  

  • Customer service representatives
  • Delivery drivers
  • Sales associates
  • Warehouse workers
  • Food servers
  • Material handlers

To connect job seekers with available part-time and flex hour jobs across many different industries, PeopleReady is holding nationwide hiring events this week.